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The versatility and flexibility of the TROOM system adapt to any space. Its applications are limited only by the user's imagination and creativity.


TROOM is an interactive system made up of electronic and physical devices capable of stimulating the senses and measuring time and body movements, all of this through face and voice command recognition tools, intelligent management, virtual reality, and feedback, which mainly enhances the following areas:



  • Medical treatment

  • Sports training

  • Physical performance evaluation 

  • Learning processes


The TROOM has application protocols for specific purposes. These modules consist of sessions designed by specialists in each area and are based on long-used and proven methodologies and techniques.


Brochure TROOM.jpg


Visual deficiency


Language disorders

Special education 


Sports training and evaluation

Physical performance evaluation



Brochure TROOM turismo.png

TROOM has multiple devices that react to the visitors' voices; they sense their movements and balance and give them the ability to make decisions to create a unique and personalized experience.



It also allows you to involve the user through an interactive and immersive approach by participating in quizzes, skill games, real-time feedback, and much more.

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