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Testing, Training & Therapy Pool

Is a water therapy system equipped with therapeutic tools for the treatment of various medical or sports-related conditions where the physical, chemical, mechanical and thermal properties of water are beneficial.

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Each of these therapies have different requirements in terms of temperature, depth, and space; due to that, T-POOL adapts to the population of patients that are treated in every rehabilitation and/or sports center.

T-POOL Provides protocols and methodologies based on research and best practices, and backed by the experience of specialists in these fields:

  • Pediatrics

  • Neurology

  • Geriatrics

  • Muscle-skeletal care

  • Sports medicine 

  • Vascular medicine

TPOOL 002.png

T-POOL is constructed in the designated space and provides the means to offer simultaneous rehabilitation treatment or training to groups of patients requiring different types of activity.

Each T-POOL is designed based on the therapeutic and architectural needs of each center. 

In that manner we offer a custom-made system that considers the number of users (patients, or athletes, for instance), physical spaces, and the level of investment.


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- Pediatric

- Neurological

- Geriatric

- Musculoskeletal

- Sporty

- Vascular


- Standardization

- Objective measurement  

- Reproducibility

- Registration and monitoring  

- Portable wireless control system

- Treatment flexibility  

- Versatility,  individual and group use


- Underwater treadmills

- Underwater bikes

- Hydrojets

- Underwater cameras

- Parallel bars

- Chromotherapy

- Thermotherapy

- Hydromassage

- Transfer cranes

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