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It is a unique tool  innovative projection  interactive that transforms a surface into a visual and interactive experience for the user.

These systems can be used on floors and walls, generating elements that make the place where they are installed a focus of public attention. 



It allows the support of training activities through routines that promote coordination and sportsmanship.



Captivate the public in different environments such as shopping centers or events, turning a flat area into an experience of movement, action and fun.


Its use is aimed at advertising and informational campaigns, especially in the area where direct marketing actions, public relations, activations, interactive advertising, exhibitions, exhibitions, shopping centers, public relations, promotional point of sale activities are involved and others where unconventional means are used to achieve experiences with the brands in the places of purchase and consumption, or in the places of human transit.



It favors the cognitive process, through the various applications of memory, association of concepts, skill dynamics, etc.

The themes and mechanics of each activity can range from cognitive and learning playful applications, incentive activities for various motor activities, coordination, balance, supporting physical conditioning and sports training.

TWALL  It is different since it integrates different protocols of use developed by health and sports professionals, allows interaction with other elements of sensory stimulation that enrich the experience making it immersive and enveloping, while its versatility allows it to be used in applications of commercial, tourist, civic and recreational promotion.

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