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Therapy Testing & Medical Technologies

We are a company that offers solutions in evaluation, training and therapy. It is focused on the development and evolution of technologies for health professionals, the educational area, evaluation and sports training.

TROOM sistema interactivo
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TROOM is an interactive system made up of electronic and physical devices capable of stimulating the senses and measuring time and body movements, all of this through face and voice command recognition tools, intelligent management, virtual reality, and feedback, which mainly enhances the following areas:



   Medical treatment

   Sports training

   Physical performance evaluation 

   learning processes

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It can be used in sports evaluation and training, in physical rehabilitation, in academic training, in the teaching and learning process, as well as having many other applications.

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Comprehensive system for the recording and measurement of human performance variables.

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It is a unique and innovative projection tool interactive that transforms a surface into a visual and interactive experience for the user.


These systems can be used on floors and walls

generating elements that make the place where they are installed a focus of attention to the public. 

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T-POOL is an aquatic system equipped with therapeutic tools for the treatment of various conditions, conditions in patients or athletes that require water as a therapy or training agent, using the physical and chemical characteristics of water, mainly enhancing the following areas:

Medical treatment

Sports training

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